Bridge to Burn Detective Kay Hunter murder mystery series Book 7

Saxon Publishing #ad - When a mummified body is found in a renovated building, the gruesome discovery leads Detective Kay Hunter and her team into a complex murder investigation. The subsequent police inquiry exposes corruption, lies and organised crime within the tight-knit community – and Kay’s determination to seek justice for the young murder victim could ruin the reputations of men who will do anything to protect their business interests.

But as kay closes in on the killer, tragedy strikes closer to home in an event that will send a shockwave through her personal life and make her question everything she values. Can kay keep her private and professional life under control while she tries to unravel one of the strangest murder cases of her career?Have you discovered the Kay Hunter British detective murder mysteries yet?1.

Bridge to Burn Detective Kay Hunter murder mystery series Book 7 #ad - Gone to ground7. Call to arms6. Hell to pay5. Cradle to gravepraise for bridge to burn:"with this seventh book, intense ride that captivated me from start to finish" - goodreadsThe Detective Kay Hunter crime thriller series by USA Today bestselling author Rachel Amphlett: page-turning British police procedurals for readers who love Peter James, Ann Cleeves, this series is as fresh as ever!" - Goodreads"A gripping storyline with twists and turns all the way through" - Goodreads"Another gripping, and Peter Robinson.

What readers are saying about the detective kay hunter series:“reminded me at times of Chris Chibnall’s Broadchurch series” – Crime Review“Hunter is a force to be reckoned with” – Goodreads“A series that goes from strength to strength” – Goodreads. Scared to death2. Bridge to burn8.


Gone to Ground Detective Kay Hunter murder mystery series Book 6

Saxon Publishing #ad - Scared to death2. Cradle to gravepraise for gone to ground"several twists and turns make this novel an exciting read!" ~ Goodreads"Another solid police procedural in this fantastic crime series!" ~ Keeper of Pages"A true example of a gripping page-turner. Gone to ground7. While attending a crime scene on the outskirts of Maidstone, DI Kay Hunter makes a shocking discovery.

The victim has been brutally cut to pieces, his identity unknown. When more body parts start turning up in the Kentish countryside, Kay realises the disturbing truth - a serial killer is at large and must be stopped at all costs. With no motive for the murders and a killer who has gone undetected until now, Kay and her team of detectives must work fast to calm a terrified local population and a scornful media.

Gone to Ground Detective Kay Hunter murder mystery series Book 6 #ad - When a third victim is found, her investigation grows even more complicated. As she begins to expose a dark underbelly to the county town, Kay and her team are pulled into a web of jealousy and intrigue that, if left unchecked, will soon claim another life. Gone to ground is a gripping serial killer thriller full of page-turning suspense, and the sixth book in the Detective Kay Hunter series:1.

Bridge to burn8. One to watch4. Will to live3. Hell to pay5.


Call to Arms Detective Kay Hunter murder mystery series Book 5

Saxon Publishing #ad - Cradle to gravepraise for call to arms"call to Arms throws the reader straight into the action, and the pace doesn't let up until the final page. Jo's book blog"call to arms is a riveting thriller, full of twists and turns, lies and secrets and totally engrossing!" ~ Good n' Read-yCall to Arms kept me on the edge of my seat - it's a real page turner!" ~ Bonnies Book Talk.

If you knew what the truth could do, would you lie?Returning to work after an enforced absence, Detective Kay Hunter discovers she wasn’t the only victim of her previous investigation. Di devon sharp remains suspended from duties, and the team is in turmoil. Determined to prove herself once more and clear his name, Kay undertakes to solve a cold case that links Sharp to his accuser.

Call to Arms Detective Kay Hunter murder mystery series Book 5 #ad - But as she gets closer to the truth, she realises her enquiries could do more harm than good. Torn between protecting her mentor and finding out the truth, the consequences of Kay's enquiries will reach far beyond her new role…Call to Arms is a gripping police procedural, and the fifth in the Detective Kay Hunter series:1.

Scared to death2. Hell to pay 5. Will to live3. Bridge to burn8. Gone to ground7.


Hell to Pay Detective Kay Hunter murder mystery series Book 4

Saxon Publishing #ad - One to watch4. Gone to ground7. Cradle to gravewhat reviewers are saying about Hell to Pay"Gripping, pacy, twisty, and suspenseful, this is how all good crime novels should read. Goodreads"hell to pay was another exciting read that gets your adrenaline going, the pacing is fast and furious and begins on page one and never ends!" ~ Novel Gossip"Hell to Pay is an absolutely brilliant fire-filled crime story, checking all the boxes of a police procedural"~ Chocolate & Waffles.

Will to live3. Scared to death2. Hell to pay5. Call to arms6. When a road traffic accident on a dark autumn night uncovers a disturbing conspiracy, Detective Sergeant Kay Hunter's investigation exposes a ruthless serial killer exploiting vulnerable young women. With her enemies unmasked and her career spiralling out of control, Kay's determination to seek vengeance for the victims brings her dangerously close to those who want to silence her.

Hell to Pay Detective Kay Hunter murder mystery series Book 4 #ad - Undeterred, she uncovers the real reason behind a plot to destroy her career and sets in motion a terrifying chain of events. Could kay's need for revenge be her undoing, or will she survive to see justice served?Hell to Pay is a gripping fast paced crime thriller, and the fourth in the Detective Kay Hunter series:1.

Bridge to burn8.


Cradle to Grave Detective Kay Hunter murder mystery series Book 8

Saxon Publishing #ad - Gone to Ground7. Each book is brilliant - full of humour, tension, great characters and compelling storytelling in equal measure. Cradle to gravewhat readers are saying about cradle to Grave:"Another masterpiece of police detective thriller writing!" – Goodreads"I'm actually running out of ways to describe how much I love this series now.

Cradle to grave is no different, with the author gripping your attention from the very start of the book. Goodreads. Available in eBook, print, large print and audiobook. The detective Kay Hunter series:1. Hell to Pay5. Scared to Death2. Bridge to Burn8. When a faceless body is found floating in the river on a summer’s morning, Detective Kay Hunter and her team are tasked with finding out the man’s identity – and where he came from.

Cradle to Grave Detective Kay Hunter murder mystery series Book 8 #ad - The investigation takes a sinister turn when an abandoned boat is found, covered in blood stains and containing a child’s belongings. Under mounting pressure from a distraught family and an unforgiving media, the police are in a race against time – but they have no leads, and no motive for the events that have taken place.

Will kay be able to find a ruthless killer and a missing child before it’s too late?Cradle to Grave is the eighth book in the Detective Kay Hunter series by USA Today bestselling author Rachel Amphlett, and perfect for readers who love fast-paced murder mysteries. One to Watch4.


One to Watch Detective Kay Hunter murder mystery series Book 3

Saxon Publishing #ad - Bridge to burn8. Cradle to gravepraise for one to watch:"gripping and full of unreliable witnesses" ~ have books will read"Fast-paced, enjoyable and intriguing with twists and turns throughout" ~ Relax & Read Reviews"This series is one of the best of the crime genre" ~ Chocolate n Waffles"A brilliant and fast paced addition to this series" ~ Novel Deelights.

Call to arms6. Gone to ground7. Will to live3. Hours later, she was dead. Detective kay hunter and her colleagues are shocked by the vicious murder of a teenage girl at a private party in the Kentish countryside. A tangled web of dark secrets is exposed as twisted motives point to a history of greed and corruption within the tight-knit community.

One to Watch Detective Kay Hunter murder mystery series Book 3 #ad - Confronted by a growing number of suspects and her own enemies who are waging a vendetta against her, Kay makes a shocking discovery that will make her question her trust in everyone she knows. Shades of Dame Agatha. Matched the feel of a golden age crime story" Grab This BookOne to Watch is a gripping murder mystery thriller, and the third in the Detective Kay Hunter series:1.

Sophie Whittaker shared a terrifying secret. Scared to death2.


Will to Live Detective Kay Hunter murder mystery series Book 2

Saxon Publishing #ad - As the investigation evolves and a pattern of murders is uncovered, Detective Sergeant Kay Hunter realises the railway’s recent reputation may be the work of a brutal serial killer. Call to arms6. Cradle to gravewhat readers are saying about will to live:"one of the top crime thriller series out there! if you like your crime thrillers with a twist of psychological suspense and a smattering of procedure and a hint of hostility and grudges, twisty and hooking you in from the start just make sure you don’t have a looming ”to do” list in front of you because once you pick this up you are not going to want to put it down!" - Chapter in my Life"I really, then Will to Live is one for you! Fast paced, really love this series! I absolutely love Kay Hunter! She has just the right mix of professionalism and dedication but with a vulnerability that draws you to her.

My chestnut reading tree"starts with a bang and then the tension gathers momentum!" - Bibliophile Book Club"BOOM the plot twist surprised me and I didn’t see it coming!" - The Stationery Geekette. Bridge to burn8. One to watch4. When a packed commuter train runs over a body on a stretch of track known to locals as ‘Suicide Mile’, it soon transpires that the man was a victim of a calculated murder.

Will to Live Detective Kay Hunter murder mystery series Book 2 #ad - Gone to ground7. Hell to pay5. Will to live3. With a backlog of cold cases to investigate and attempting to uncover who is behind a professional vendetta against her, Kay must keep one step ahead of both the killer and her own adversaries.


Scared to Death Detective Kay Hunter murder mystery series Book 1

Saxon Publishing #ad - If you like your crime fiction uncomplicated, this really is a novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat!” Jo’s Book Blog“In this novel, fast-paced and real Scared to Death is the PERFECT read for you…” Swirl and Thread“Extremely well-plotted, I actually believed the reason for the killings.

Moves at a relentless pace, with an intensely dark plot, featuring a top notch female protagonist. Mrs b’s book reviews“the murders shock, and the plot is pacey, twisting with action … with more than one surprise within it pages, Scared to Death will satisfy any lover of serial killer fiction” Postcard Reviews"Hunter is a force to be reckoned with as she tries to find the vicious killer of a young woman.

Scared to Death Detective Kay Hunter murder mystery series Book 1 #ad - Hell to pay5. Bridge to burn8. Gone to ground7. One to watch4. Will to live3. You might want to sleep with the lights on but it's worth the read!" ~ Goodreads. Scared to death2. Scared to death is a stylish, usa today bestselling author of the girl in the ice"Moves along at breakneck speed with twists and turns" ~ Angela Marsons, smart and gripping crime thriller” Robert Bryndza, bestselling author of the Detective Kim Stone crime thriller seriesThe Detective Kay Hunter series:1.

If you want to see your daughter alive again, listen carefully. When the body of a snatched schoolgirl is found in an abandoned biosciences building, the case is first treated as a kidnapping gone wrong.


Blood Rites: DI Kelly Porter Book Six Detective Kelly Porter 6

Canelo #ad - Di kelly porter is about to discover just how dark things can get in the Lake District. When a young woman is found unclothed, unspeaking at an ancient stone circle it's not clear if any crime has been committed. The investigation reveals that in the beautiful Lake District there are those who believe in ancient ways, and within those circles old resentments are spilling over into terrible violence.

Kelly has all the pieces to solve the puzzle, but to put them together she must confront a figure from her past: one who nearly destroyed all that she holds dear. Will she avoid the same fate this time, or can the killer stay one step ahead of her to the bitter end? A captivating and atmospheric detective novel from a rising star in British crime fiction, perfect for fans of Patricia Gibney and Cara Hunter.

Blood Rites: DI Kelly Porter Book Six Detective Kelly Porter 6 #ad -  . Di kelly porter and her team start looking into the circumstances, but the mystery girl disappears. Soon after, a brutal murder is committed and sinister markings at the scene indicate that the killer had a message.


The Friend Who Lied: A gripping psychological thriller

Saxon Publishing #ad - Regaining consciousness, she is horrified to learn one of her friends has been killed – and saved her life. As she recovers, disturbing rumours, she uncovers a trail of carefully guarded reputations, and lies. Five entered the escape room. And someone is determined to cover their tracks before she can find out the truth.

The friend who lied: a twisted psychological thriller from USA Today bestseller Rachel Amphlett – perfect for fans of The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley and Friend Request by Laura Marshall. What readers are saying about the friend who lied:"an addictive read that I couldn’t put down!" – By the Letter Book Reviews"A stand-alone psychological thriller that took my breath away!" – Goodreads.

The Friend Who Lied: A gripping psychological thriller #ad - Because five of them entered the escape room that day, and only four got out alive. Only four came out alive. Lisa ashton receives a last-minute reprieve from death two weeks before her birthday. Soon, lisa begins to wonder if one of her friends is hiding a terrible secret.


First Blood: A completely gripping mystery thriller A Detective Kim Stone Novel

Bookouture #ad - In the darkness of a cold december morning, Detective Kim Stone steps through the doors of Halesowen Police Station. This is a second chance for those of us who follow the series to have that first meeting with Stone and the gang, and it’s absolutely brilliant. Nigel adams bookworm ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐‘angela marsons is a keen observer of human nature, and her wide cast of characters are both fascinating and distinct from each other…it is immediately clear why her books stand out from the crowd.

Rarely have i been so satisfied with a novel… breath-taking… a masterpiece, the star at the top of your Christmas tree…get going with the series if you haven’t already. Chocolate ‘n’ waffles ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐‘Oh my life. With his home life in pieces, his volatile behaviour is already fracturing her fragile new team.

First Blood: A completely gripping mystery thriller A Detective Kim Stone Novel #ad - Can kim bring dawson in line and pull her crew together in time to catch the killer before another life is taken? This time, one of her own could be in terrible danger…Discover where it all began for Kim and her team. Dawson is a liability. Bryant is reliable and calm, D. S. This is the book that all kim stone fans have been waiting for and they didn’t even know it…another class Kim Stone story…a dark and deadly case, high on thrills, mystery and tension, intrigue, perfectly pitched on pace and featuring the dry humour and banter we know and love…Top stuff – Loved it.

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