Notes to Self: Essays

The Dial Press #ad - She writes with radical honesty on the unspeakable grief of infertility, on taboos around female bodies and female pain, on caring for an alcoholic parent, on sexual violence and violence against the self. Devastating, poignant, and wise—and joyful against the odds—Notes to Self is an unforgettable exploration of what it feels like to be alive, and a daring act of rebellion against a society that is more comfortable with women’s silence.

Praise for notes to self“notes to self begins as a deceptively simple catalogue of the injustices of modern female life and slyly emerges as a screaming treatise on just what it means to make your own rules, turning the hand you’ve been dealt into the coolest game in town. A short, gleamingly instructive book, both memoir and psychological exploration—a platform for that insistent internal voice that almost any woman.

Notes to Self: Essays #ad - . Wishes they had ignored. Financial times “Do not read this book in public. Emilie pine is like your best friend—if your best friend was so sharp she drew blood. Lena dunham, #1 new york times bestselling author of not that kind of Girl“To read these essays is to understand the human condition more clearly, to reassess one’s place in the world, and to reclaim one’s own experiences as real and valid.

Sunday independent “Harrowing, clear-eyed. This is the story of one woman, and of all women.


Fleishman Is in Trouble: A Novel

Random House #ad - He could not have predicted that one day, in the middle of his summer of sexual emancipation, Rachel would just drop their two children off at his place and simply not return. Now this. A searing, utterly unvarnished debut, unsettling, Fleishman Is in Trouble is an insightful, often hilarious exploration of a culture trying to navigate the fault lines of an institution that has proven to be worthy of our great wariness and our great hope.

Alma’s best jewish novel of the year “blisteringly funny, feverishly smart, heartbreaking, and true, Fleishman Is in Trouble is an essential read for anyone who’s wondered how to navigate loving and hating the people we choose. Cynthia d’aprix sweeney, fleishman is in trouble is shrewdly observed, author of The Nest“From its opening pages, brimming with wisdom, and utterly of this moment.

Fleishman Is in Trouble: A Novel #ad - The winds of his optimism, long dormant, had finally begun to pick up. New york times bestseller • national book award longlist • “a feminist jeremiad nested inside a brilliant comic novel—a book that makes you laugh so hard you don’t notice till later that your eyebrows have been singed off.

Ron charles, divorce, and the bewildering dynamics of ambition from one of the most exciting writers working today toby fleishman thought he knew what to expect when he and his wife of almost fifteen years separated: weekends and every other holiday with the kids,  the washington post finalist for the national book critics circle’s john leonard prize for best first book • named one of the ten best books of the year by entertainment weekly and the new york public library and one of the best books OF THE YEAR BY The New York Times Book Review • Time • The Washington Post • Vanity Fair • Vogue • NPR • Chicago Tribune • GQ • Vox • Refinery29 • Elle • The Guardian • Real Simple • Parade • Good Housekeeping • Marie Claire • Town & Country • Evening Standard • Kirkus Reviews • BookPage • BookRiot • Shelf Awareness A finely observed, some residual bitterness, timely exploration of marriage, the occasional moment of tension in their co-parenting negotiations.

Taffy brodesser-akner’s debut is that rare and delicious treat: a page-turner with heft. Maria Semple.


Normal People: A Novel

Hogarth #ad - Here, again, she unflinchingly explores class dynamics and young love with wit and nuance. The wall street journal “rooney has been hailed as the first great millennial novelist for her stories of love and late capitalism. New york times bestseller • longlisted for the man booker prize • coming to hulu in 2020 • sally rooney named to the 2019 time 100 next list “a stunning novel about the transformative power of relationships” People from the author of Conversations with Friends,  “a master of the literary page-turner” J.

. Is a worthy successor to Conversations with Friends. And as she veers into self-destruction and he begins to search for meaning elsewhere, each must confront how far they are willing to go to save the other. Normal people is the story of mutual fascination, friendship and love. It takes us from that first conversation to the years beyond, in the company of two people who try to stay apart but find that they can’t.

Normal People: A Novel #ad - . Marianne has found her feet in a new social world while Connell hangs at the sidelines, shy and uncertain. Praise for normal people   “A novel that demands to be read compulsively, in one sitting. The washington post “arguably the buzziest novel of the season, Sally Rooney’s elegant sophomore effort.


Recollections of My Nonexistence: A Memoir

Viking #ad - She tells of being poor, hopeful, and of the small apartment that, and adrift in the city that became her great teacher, when she was nineteen, became the home in which she transformed herself. A marvel: a memoir that details her awakening as a feminist, an environmentalist, and a citizen of the world.

. Beyond being a memoir, solnit's book is also a passionate argument: that women are not just impacted by personal experience, but by membership in a society where violence against women pervades. She explores the forces that liberated her as a person and as a writer--books themselves; the gay community that presented a new model of what else gender, family, and joy could mean; and her eventual arrival in the spacious landscapes and overlooked conflicts of the American West.

Looking back, she describes how she came to recognize that her own experiences of harassment and menace were inseparable from the systemic problem of who has a voice, or rather who is heard and respected and who is silenced--and how she was galvanized to use her own voice for change. Every single sentence is exquisite.

Recollections of My Nonexistence: A Memoir #ad - Maris kreizman, vulturean electric portrait of the artist as a young woman that asks how a writer finds her voice in a society that prefers women to be silentIn Recollections of My Nonexistence, Rebecca Solnit describes her formation as a writer and as a feminist in 1980s San Francisco, in an atmosphere of gender violence on the street and throughout society and the exclusion of women from cultural arenas.


In the Dream House: A Memoir

Graywolf Press #ad - Tracing the full arc of a harrowing relationship with a charismatic but volatile woman, Machado struggles to make sense of how what happened to her shaped the person she was becoming. And it’s that struggle that gives the book its original structure: each chapter is driven by its own narrative trope—the haunted house, erotica, the bildungsroman—through which Machado holds the events up to the light and examines them from different angles.

A revolutionary memoir about domestic abuse by the award-winning author of Her Body and Other PartiesIn the Dream House is Carmen Maria Machado’s engrossing and wildly innovative account of a relationship gone bad, and a bold dissection of the mechanisms and cultural representations of psychological abuse.

In the Dream House: A Memoir #ad - . The result is a wrenching, riveting book that explodes our ideas about what a memoir can do and be. She looks back at her religious adolescence, unpacks the stereotype of lesbian relationships as safe and utopian, and widens the view with essayistic explorations of the history and reality of abuse in queer relationships.

Machado’s dire narrative is leavened with her characteristic wit, playfulness, and openness to inquiry. She casts a critical eye over legal proceedings, Star Trek, fairy tales, and Disney villains, as well as iconic works of film and fiction.


The Most Fun We Ever Had: A Novel

Doubleday #ad - Above it all, the daughters share the lingering fear that they will never find a love quite like their parents'. In painting this luminous portrait of a family's becoming, Elizabeth Strout, Lombardo joins the ranks of writers such as Celeste Ng, and Jonathan Franzen as visionary chroniclers of our modern lives.

Claire lombardo writes like she's been doing it for a hundred years, and like she's been alive for a thousand. Rebecca makkai, author of the great believersWhen Marilyn Connolly and David Sorenson fall in love in the 1970s, they are blithely ignorant of all that's to come. An instant new york times bestseller"ambitious and brilliantly written.

The Most Fun We Ever Had: A Novel #ad - Jane smiley, The Washington Post"Outstanding. The literary love child of Jonathan Franzen and Anne Tyler. The guardian"everything about this brilliant debut cuts deep: the humor, the wisdom, the pathos. As the novel moves through the tumultuous year following the arrival of Jonah Bendt--given up by one of the daughters in a closed adoption fifteen years before--we are shown the rich and varied tapestry of the Sorensons' past: years marred by adolescence, and resentment, infidelity, but also the transcendent moments of joy that make everything else worthwhile.

Spanning nearly half a century, and the baffling mixture of affection, abhorrence, Lombardo's debut explores the triumphs and burdens of love, the fraught tethers of parenthood and sisterhood, resistance, and set against the quintessential American backdrop of Chicago and its prospering suburbs, and submission we feel for those closest to us.

By 2016, a litigator-turned-stay-at-home-mom, battles anxiety and self-doubt when the darkest part of her past resurfaces; Liza, their four radically different daughters are each in a state of unrest: Wendy, the dawdling youngest daughter, a neurotic and newly tenured professor, widowed young, finds herself pregnant with a baby she's not sure she wants by a man she's not sure she loves; and Grace, soothes herself with booze and younger men; Violet, begins living a lie that no one in her family even suspects.


She Was Like That: New and Selected Stories

Scribner #ad - Her characters are searchers, uneasy in one way or another. They question the definitions assigned to them as wives, and daughters; they seek their own way within isolated, mothers, and often isolating, reveling in small, circumstances, everyday epiphanies and moments of clarity. They yearn for connection.

In “radical feminists, ” a woman skating with her two children encounters the man who derailed her career years earlier. In “slow the heart, ” a single mother tries to ease tension at the dinner table with Roses and Thorns, the game she knows the Obamas played in the White House. A new york times 100 notable books of 2019 selection from kate walbert, national book Award nominee, the highly acclaimed, comes a dazzling, career-spanning collection of new and selected stories.

She Was Like That: New and Selected Stories #ad - In these twelve deft, acutely funny and often heartbreaking stories, Kate Walbert delves into the hearts and minds of women. In the riveting opening story “m&m world, ” a woman is plunged into panic when she briefly loses one of her daughters at the vast and over-stimulating Times Square store. This is a deeply moving, resonant collection from a writer “rightly celebrated for her ability to capture the variety and vulnerability of women’s lives with a combination of lyricism and brawn” NPR.

. And in the poignant, “a mother is someone Who Tells Jokes, ” a mother reflects on the nursery school project that preceded her son’s autism diagnosis.


Let Me Not Be Mad: My Story of Unraveling Minds

Dutton #ad - Benjamin confronted these questions, and this book is his attempt to tell the truth about what happens in these rooms in hospitals the world over. What begins as a series of exquisitely observed case studies examining personalities on the brink of collapse soon morphs into a unique work of nonfiction as Benjamin's own psyche begins to twist the story in surprising ways.

K. Blazingly original, let me not be mad undermines the authority we so willingly hand over to clinical psychologists as it bears witness to the self-obsession of Western society, and ultimately offers a glimpse of what it might mean to be sane and truly empathetic. Fractured, brilliant, sad, playful, and confrontational, this is a confession by a professional that delves into the heart of the patient-doctor relationship and ultimately finds love.

Let Me Not Be Mad: My Story of Unraveling Minds #ad - A. Benjamin's years working as a clinical neuropsychologist at a London hospital, this multilayered narrative interweaves Benjamin's own sometimes shocking personal experiences with those of his mentally disordered patients. What do doctors actually think about when you list your problems in the consulting room? Are they really listening to you? Is the connection all in your head? Every day for ten years--even while his hospital became the set for a reality television series--clinical neuropsychologist A.

This twisting psychological journey will be read and reread. Inspired by Dr. K.


Make It Scream, Make It Burn: Essays

Little, Brown and Company #ad - Longlisted for the pen/diamonstein-spielvogel award for the art of the essayfrom the "astounding" Entertainment Weekly, "spectacularly evocative" The Atlantic, and "brilliant" Los Angeles Times author of the New York Times bestsellers The Recovering and The Empathy Exams comes a return to the essay form in this expansive new book.

One of the fall's most anticipated books: time, av club, buzzfeed, lit hub, women's day, pacific standard, the millions, boston globe, Nylon, Bustle, O, BookPage, Esquire, Yahoo! Lifestyle, Goodreads, Book Riot, Newsweek, Baltimore Sun, Goop, Seattle Times, Marie Claire, Entertainment Weekly, Oprah Magazine, The Week, Good Housekeeping, Minneapolis Star Tribune, and Romper.

Make It Scream, Make It Burn: Essays #ad - With the virtuosic synthesis of memoir, and journalism for which Leslie Jamison has been so widely acclaimed, the fourteen essays in Make It Scream, criticism, Make It Burn explore the oceanic depths of longing and the reverberations of obsession. Among jamison's subjects are 52 blue, deemed "the loneliest whale in the world"; the eerie past-life memories of children; the devoted citizens of an online world called Second Life; the haunted landscape of the Sri Lankan Civil War; and an entire museum dedicated to the relics of broken relationships.

. The result is a provocative reminder of the joy and sustenance that can be found in the unlikeliest of circumstances. Jamison follows these examinations to more personal reckonings -- with elusive men and ruptured romances, becoming a stepmother, with marriage and maternity -- in essays about eloping in Las Vegas, and giving birth.

Often compared to joan didion and susan sontag, and widely considered one of the defining voices of her generation, Jamison interrogates her own life with the same nuance and rigor she brings to her subjects.


Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: A Therapist, HER Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt #ad - With startling wisdom and humor, meaning and mortality, guilt and redemption, Gottlieb invites us into her world as both clinician and patient, terror and courage, examining the truths and fictions we tell ourselves and others as we teeter on the tightrope between love and desire, hope and change. Enter wendell, the quirky but seasoned therapist in whose of­fice she suddenly lands.

You must read this book. Susan cain, and national advice columnist, thought-provoking, a hilarious, New York Times best-selling author of QuietFrom a New York Times best-selling author, psychotherapist, and surprising new book that takes us behind the scenes of a therapist’s world—where her patients are looking for answers and so is she.

Instant new york times bestseller!now being developed as a television series with eva longoria and ABC!“Rarely have I read a book that challenged me to see myself in an entirely new light, and was at the same time laugh-out-loud funny and utterly absorbing. Katie couric  “this is a daring, delightful, and transformative book.

Arianna huffington,  huffington post and founder & CEO,  Founder, smart, Thrive Global  “Wise, warm, and funny. One day, lori gottlieb is a therapist who helps patients in her Los Angeles practice. Maybe you should talk to someone is rev­olutionary in its candor, offering a deeply per­sonal yet universal tour of our hearts and minds and providing the rarest of gifts: a boldly reveal­ing portrait of what it means to be human, and a disarmingly funny and illuminating account of our own mysterious lives and our power to transform them.

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: A Therapist, HER Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed #ad - With his balding head, cardigan, and khakis, he seems to have come straight from Therapist Central Casting. As gottlieb explores the inner chambers of her patients’ lives — a self-absorbed hollywood producer, a senior citizen threatening to end her life on her birthday if nothing gets better, a young newlywed diagnosed with a terminal illness, and a twenty-something who can’t stop hooking up with the wrong guys — she finds that the questions they are struggling with are the very ones she is now bringing to Wendell.


Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self-Delusion

Random House #ad - This is a book about the incentives that shape us, and about how hard it is to see ourselves clearly through a culture that revolves around the self. Now, written with a rare combination of give and sharpness, she delves into the forces that warp our vision, in this dazzling collection of nine entirely original essays, wit and fearlessness, demonstrating an unparalleled stylistic potency and critical dexterity.

Trick mirror is an enlightening, unforgettable trip through the river of self-delusion that surges just beneath the surface of our lives. Gleaming with tolentino’s sense of humor and capacity to elucidate the impossibly complex in an instant, and marked by her desire to treat the reader with profound honesty, Trick Mirror is an instant classic of the worst decade yet.

Finalist for the pen/diamonstein-spielvogel award for the art of the essay. New york times bestseller • “from the new yorker’s beloved cultural critic comes a bold, unflinching collection of essays about self-deception, examining everything from scammer culture to reality television. Esquire “A whip-smart, challenging book.

Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self-Delusion #ad - Zadie smith • “jia tolentino could be the Joan Didion of our time. Vulturefinalist for the national book critics circle’s john leonard prize for best first book • named one of the ten best books of the year by the new york public library and harvard crimson and one of the best books of the year by the new york times book review • time • chicago tribune • the washington post • npr • variety • esquire • vox • elle • glamour • gq • good housekeeping • The Paris Review • Paste • Town & Country • BookPage • Kirkus Reviews • BookRiot • Shelf Awareness Jia Tolentino is a peerless voice of her generation, tackling the conflicts, contradictions, and sea changes that define us and our time.

In each essay, tolentino writes about a cultural prism: the rise of the nightmare social internet; the advent of scamming as the definitive millennial ethos; the literary heroine’s journey from brave to blank to bitter; the punitive dream of optimization, which insists that everything, including our bodies, should become more efficient and beautiful until we die.