Top 10 Sedona Lynx Grill Parts – Grill Heat Plates

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1. GasSaf


GasSaf Ceramic Briquettes Replacement for Lynx L27, L30, CS30 and Other Gas Grills, L42, Set of 50 pcs, 2" by 2" Each

GasSaf #ad - Each briquette is 2 x 2 inches. The ceramic briquettes help to reduce flare ups, providing a safer, tastier, and more enjoyable experience.

Also fits for other grill including Ducane, Alfresco, Dynasty. Effectively radiates heat, evenly disperse the flame from the burner and hold the temperature inside the grill for a long time. Package include: Set of 50 briquettes, enough briquettes for most grills. Fits for lynx models: cs30, l30psp, ldr30, ldr27, ldr21, lij36, l54ps, ldr36, lij30, lij54, l54, lbq48, l36, lcb2, lsb1, lij42, l30, lbq27, lsb2, l42, lbq36, lpsge, l27, lpsgekit, l5430, lcb1, ldr18, lij27, ldr54, lsb2pc, lpsgebkt, ldr42, LSPGE gas grill.
BrandGasSaf #ad
ManufacturerGasSaf #ad

2. Direct Store


Direct Store Parts DP114 2-Pack Stainless Steel Heat Plates Replacement for Lynx Gas Grill Models 2

Direct Store #ad - Special notes for this item: if you are looking for parts, the brand and modEL No. If provided, this item might be compatible with listed below are just for your reference as shopping guide. Direct store parts Kit includes 2 pcs Stainless Steel Heat plates;.

Replacement for lynx models: l42r-1, lbq27f, lb36f, l54sbfr, lbq36f, lbq27fr, lbq27, l54r, lbq48fr, lbq48cf, lbq36re, l54psr-1, lbq48r, l54psfr, lbq27fe, lbq48f, lbq36fre, lbq27fre, l54psr, lbq48, l5430r2b, l54fr, lbq48r2b, lbq48fr2b, lbq27e, lbq36fr, l54, l54psfr-1, l54sbr, L5430FR2B, lbq36r, lbq48re, l42r,, lbq27re, lbq48fre, lbq36, lbq27r, l5430, LPQ36E;. Replacement for lynx models: 2br27fr, l30r-1, l30f, l36fr, l27r, l36, l27fr-2, l30, l42psfr-1, l27f-1, l30psr, l27f-2, l42fr-1, l36fr-1, l27r-1, l27-2, l30apsfr, l30apsr, l27psr-2, l42psfr, l30fr, l27f, l27fr, l27, l36psr-1, l42fr, l27fr-1, l30psfr-1, l42psr-1, l27psfr-2, l42, l30pSR-1, l30r, l30psp-1, l27-1, l30psfr, l36r-1, l27r-2, l36psfr-1, l30fr-1, l30spr, l36r, L42PSR;.

Please do double check the size and shape of your original parts, and compare with ours before ordering. Dimensions: 16 7/8" x 9 1/2"; material: stainless steel ; replacement for Original Part Numbers:L10156, 210L4Y, 80006;.
BrandDirect Store #ad
ManufacturerDirect store #ad
Height2 Inches
Length16.88 Inches
Width9.5 Inches
Part NumberDP114-2

3. Kitchen Basics 101


Kitchen Basics 101 33750 Sedona by Lynx Stainless Steel U Burner Replacement for Sedona Grills

Kitchen Basics 101 #ad - Part 33750 Model years 2012 - 2017. For series A-B. 304 stainless steel “U” tube burner. Fits sedona models : l400ps, l600ps, l400psr, l700ps, l500ps, l500psr, l600PSR, L700PS.
BrandKitchen Basics 101 #ad
Manufacturer33750 #ad
Height1.25 Inches
Length16.58 Inches
Weight2.29 Pounds
Width7 Inches

4. DcYourHome


LBQ27RE, DcYourHome Stainless Steel Heat Plates for Lynx Gas Grill Models,16 7/8" x 9 1/2" Briquette Grill Heat Shield Replacement Parts for Lynx L27, L54R 2 PCS, 36,36F,48

DcYourHome #ad - Fits lynx:l30spr-2005, l42-2003, l36fr-1-2007, l36psr-1-2008, l42fr-1-2006, l42-2006, l36psr-1-2007, l42fr-1-2008, l36-2007, l42-2008, l36psfr-1-2006, l36r-1-2007, l42fr-2005, l42 l42-2002, l36psfr-1-2010, l36psr-1-2010, l36fr-1-2006, l36psfr-1-2008, l36-2008, l42psfr-1-2010, l42fr-2004, l42psfr-1-2007, l36r-1-2008, l42-2007, l36fr-2005, l36psr-1-2006, l36 l36-2006, l36r-2005, l42fr-1-2007, l42fr-2003, l36r-1-2006, l42psfr-1-2008, l36r-1-2010, l42fr-2002, l42-2004, l42psfr-1-2006, l36fr-1-2008, .

You can leave stainless-steel heat plates in your grill for longer periods of time without worrying about rust. Don’t corrode easily. Fits lynx: cs30, l27fr-1-2008, l27f-2-2010, l27f-2005, lbq36, ldr21, lij42, lsb2pc, l27-2008, l27fr-2-2010, ldr54, ldr36, l27-2005, l27f-1-2006, l27-1-2006, l27fr-2005, lspge, lpsge, l42, ldr27, 2br27fr, lij30, l27, l27fr-2-2008, ldr42, l5430, cs30, lsb2, lij27, ldr18, l27, l27-2-2010, lsb1, lpsgebkt, l27-1-2008, l27-2-2008, l54, l27f-1-2008, l30psp, l27psfr-2-2010, l54ps, l27f-2-2008, lbq48, lpsgekit, lcb1, l36, l30, lij36, l27fr-1-2006, lcb2, lbq27, ldr30, lij54, l27-2006, l27psr-2-2010. Fits lynx: l42r-2005, l5430-2004, l5430-2003, lbq27-2000, l54psr-1-2007, l54r-2004, l54psr-1-2006, l54psr-2005, l54 l54-2002, l54-2003, l5430, l5430r2b-2005, l54sbr-2004, lbq27, l54sbfr-2003, l54sbfr-2002, l54fr-2004, lb36f-2001, l54psr-1-2010, l54-2007, l5430-2002, l54sbr-2002, l54-2008, l54sbr-2003, l54sbfr-2004, l54psr-1-2008, l54-2006, l54psfr-1-2006, l54ps, lbq27-2001, l54psfr-1-2008, l54psfr-1-2007, lbq27-2002, l54-2004, l54psfr-2005, l5430fr2b-2005, l54psfr-1-2010, lbq27-2003.

Heat plates fits lynx: l27r-1-2006, l30r-1-2010, l30 l30-2002, l30-2004, l27r-2-2008, l30f-2002, l30r-1-2006, l30psfr-1-2006, l30psr-1-2008, l30psfr-1-2008, l30psfr-1-2010, l30psfr-2004, l30psr-1-2007, l30-2007, l30r-1-2008, l30psr-1-2006, l30psfr-1-2007, l30apsr-2005, l30-2003, l30-2005, l30-2008, l27r-2005, l30f-2004, l30-2006, l30r-1-2007, l27r-2-2010, l30psp, l30psp-1-2006, l30psr-2004, l27r-1-2008, l30f-2003, l30f-2005, l30r-2002, l30psr-1-2010, l30psfr-2005, l30apsfr-2005, L30R-2003.
BrandDcYourHome #ad
ManufacturerDcYourHome #ad

5. Grill Parts Gallery


Grill Parts Gallery Replacement Lynx L27, Lynx L36 BBQ Repair Kit

Grill Parts Gallery #ad - We highly suggest measuring your original parts and Compare to what we have listed before ordering. Fits lynx l27-1, lynx l27, lynx l27r, lynx l27f, lynx l27f-1, lynx l27r-1, lynx l27fr-1, lynx l36, lynx l36fr-1, lynx l36fr, lynx l27fr, Lynx L36PSFR-1.

Fits lynx l36psfr, lynx l27psfr-3, l36r, lynx l36psr-2, lynx l36psr, lynx l27r-2, lynx l36psr-1, lynx l27fr-2, lynx l27psr-3, lynx l36psfr-2, lynx l27f-2, Lynx L27-2, Lynx L36R-1. This kit includes 2 cast burners and 2 heat shields. Cast burner dimensions 16" x 6-1/4", 16" x 6. 25" ; material : cast ; heat plate dimensions 16 7/8" x 9 1/2" ; Material : Stainless Steel.
BrandGrill Parts Gallery #ad
ManufacturerbbqGrillParts #ad

6. GasSaf


2BR27FR, CS30 and Others, Lynx, L30, GasSaf Gas Grill Ceramic Briquettes Replacement for Lynx L27, 2 x 2 x 0.7 inch, Set of 50 pcs

GasSaf #ad - Ceramic briquettes, affordable, durable and can reusable. Effectively radiates heat, evenly disperse the flame from the burner and hold the temperature inside the grill for a long time.

Each briquette is 2 x 2 x 07 inches. Package include: Set of 50 briquettes, enough briquettes for most grills. Replacement for lynx models: cs30, lbq36, lcb2, lij30, lcb1, l54, lsb2, lij54, lpsgebkt, lij36, lpsge, l30, ldr54, l36, ldr36, l27, ldr18, l54ps, lsb2pc, LDR30, lpsgekit, l30psp, l42, lij27, lsb1, lij42, lbq48, lbq27, ldr21, ldr42, ldr27, l5430, LSPGE gas grill. Also replacement for other grill including Ducane, Alfresco, Dynasty.
BrandGasSaf #ad
ManufacturerGasSaf #ad

7. GasSaf


L30APSFR, L54, L27, GasSaf Heat Plate for Lynx CS30, L36, L30, L30PSP, 50-Pack Ceramic Briquettes & 2-Pack Stainless Steel Briquette Trays, LBQ27FR Gas Grill, L42

GasSaf #ad - Durable material, long lasting, better toughness and heat resistant. Easy install to your grill. Make sure you measure the size of your original parts and compare with ours BEFORE you order. Briquette trays dimensions: 16 7/8" x 9 1/2". Fits lynx models: l36fr, l5430r2b, l42r-1, lbq27fe, lbq48f, lbq36re, l42psr-1, lbq48fr, l36r, l42fr, lbq27f, l54psfr, l54psfr-1, l36psr-1, lbq48r, lbq27e, lbq27, lbq27fr, lbq27r, l5430, lbq27re, l54psr,, lbq48fr2b, l42r, lbq36, l36psfr-1, l42psr, lbq48, l54fr, l54psr-1, lbq48fre, lbq48r2b, l36r-1, l54sbr, lbq48re, lbq27fre, lbq36f, l54sbfr, lbq48cf, l54r, l5430fr2b, l42, l54, l42psfr-1, lbq36r, l42psfr, lbq36fre, l42fr-1, lbq36fr, lb36F, LPQ36E.

Package including: 2 packs briquette trays and 50 packs ceramic briquettes. Ceramic briquettes dimensions: 2" x 2".

Original part numbers:l10156, 210L4Y, 80006. Fits lynx models: cs30, l27fr-2, l30fr-1, lij27, l30apsr, ldr18, ldr21, lspge, l30psfr-1, l27f-1, l27-2, l30psp, lsb2pc, lpsgekit, lsb2, l27r, l36, l27, ldr42, l30f, l27r-2, l27fr, l30apsfr, l30r-1, l27f-2, lij42, lpsgebkt, lij54, l30, lsb1, ldr27, l30fr, ldr30, l36, lij36, lij30, l30r, lcb1, lbq36, 2br27fr, ldr54, l30psfr, l27, l27f, l54ps, l30, l30psp-1, l30psr-1, lpsge, l30psr, lbq48, l30spr, l54, l27psr-2, l27fr-1, l42, ldr36, l27-1, lcb2, lbq27, l5430, l27r-1, l27psfr-2, L36FR-1.
BrandGasSaf #ad
ManufacturerGasSaf #ad

8. RCK Sales


RCK Gas Grill Solid Cast Brass Gas Burner Fits Lynx 27" 30" 36" 42" 48" Grills L11012 -A

RCK Sales #ad - Measures 17" overall length by 6 5/8" wide. This is an cast brass lynx burner part for grill series : 0, 1, f, e, g, l, m, H, K, J, Q Maintaining these burners is essential to their longevity. Rck lynx gas grill solid cast brass burner 27" 30" 36" 42" 48" Grills L11012-A. Periodically clearing the holes and brushing off the burners will have them last for many years. The burner without the neck is 15" long. Air schutter 2 1/4" long. Replacement cast Brass Burner for Lynx Commerical gas grills.
BrandRCK Sales #ad
ManufacturerRCK Sales #ad

9. Grill Valueparts


Grill Valueparts Grill Replacement Parts for RCS RJC32A Grill Parts RJC009P Briquette Tray Summerset Sizzler 26 32 Pro 32 Burner Summerset Briquette Tray TRL32 Assembly Heat Plates

Grill Valueparts #ad - Heavy duty and long lasting. Need 2 x 4-pack for pro sizzler 40″. Resist-heat some seller actually a stainless steel wrapped This is where a thin sheet of stainless steel is wrapped around traditional steel. This kit fits your grill. Listing only for 4-pack. Fits summerset sizzler grill sizzler 26" sizzler 32" sizzler 32".

Need 2 x 4-pack for SunFire 38". Product materials & dimensions4 x Stainless Steel Heat Diffuser Flame Tamer Heat Plates Briquette Tray including the briquettes. Need 2 x 4-pack for 40" premier Series RJC40AL RJC40A. Summerset sizzler grill parts, summerset sizzler burner briquette burner tray, summer sizzler summerset grill parts, summerset sizzler pro 32 briquette tray, summer sizzler summerset partsFits SunFire Grill SunFire 26" SunFire 32" Listing only for 4-Pack. Fits rcs grill 26" premier series rjc26a 32" premier series rjc32a rjc32al.

Upgraded solid stainless and more thicker than others all of our heat plates made of solid stainless, more thicker and durable than others. Buying tipsdo not need to look around for correct grill parts briquette tray for rcs rjc32a rjc26a RJC32AL 26" 32" Premier Series SunFire 26" 32″ Summerset Sizzler 26" 32" 32" PRO. Rcs grill replacement parts, rcs bbq grill parts, rcs gas grill parts, briquette tray for rcs gas grill, rcs grill heat plate, Listing only for 4-Pack.
BrandGrill Valueparts #ad
ManufacturerGrill Valueparts #ad
Weight12 Pounds
Part NumberRSV20201027-74KIT

10. Hongso


SPB571-2, Heat Shield for Lynx L27 Models 16 7/8" x 9 1/2", Hongso Stainless Steel BBQ Gas Grill Heat Plate

Hongso #ad - Make sure you measure the size of your original parts and compare with ours BEFORE you order. Fits lynx models: cs30, lpsge, l36, l54, lcb2, ldr54, ldr30, lcb1, ldr27, lpsgebkt, l54ps, lsb2, lpsgekit, lsb2pc, l42, ldr42, ldr18, ldr21, ldr36, lbq27, l30psp, l5430, l27, lbq36, lsb1, l30, lij27, lij54, lij30, lbq48, lij36, lij42, LSPGE.

Item ships TWO. Material: Stainless Steel. Dimensions: 16 7/8" x 9 1/2". Original part numbers: l10156, 210l4y, 80006. Bbq-parts only sells grill aftermarket replacements under the "Hongso" trademark. Hongso spb571 2-pk stainless steel bbq gas Grill Heat Plate, Heat Shield for Lynx L27 Models. Please note: bbq-parts does not sell any other branded products besides "Hongso".
BrandHongso #ad
ManufacturerHongso #ad
Height3.4 Inches
Length16.9 Inches
Width9.5 Inches
Part NumberSPB571-2